Portfolio design & branding for various types of communication media, including logos, packaging, labels, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, websites, videos, and more.


The Albufeira Digital Nomads project arises from the Municipality of Albufeira's need to explore and create new work models and ways to welcome digital nomads who are seeking the Algarve, specifically Albufeira, as their destination. The concepts present in the Visual Identity of Albufeira Digital Nomads include an allusion to the nomadic lifestyle and the Municipality of Albufeira (climate, nature, etc.).
It features a representation of simple and geometric elements, with a logo that is highly legible and versatile, conveying a dynamic and youthful image.


The logo for the "Rocket Booster" identity is a visually striking representation that captures the essence of innovation and progress.
It centers around the letter "R," which is skillfully stylized to incorporate a rocket within it, creating a powerful and memorable image.
The choice of blue conveys the idea of an upward journey towards success while also suggesting an environment of trust and stability.


The packaging of "Necton" sea salt brand was designed to conquer the Korean market, combining elements of
sophistication, authenticity, and, above all, a color palette highlighted by blues, representing the sea.
This project represents a fusion of design and cultural awareness, where the ocean meets the land and the land meets the human being.


In the dynamic world of business, brands are constantly evolving to adapt to the demands of the global market.
An inspiring example of this phenomenon is the international rebranding of this financial brand based in Macau, China.


We have created a unique logo and visual identity that reflect the essence of Chef Luís Parreira and his work in New York.
Saturated colors and sophisticated visual elements that mirror his culinary essence.
A strong personal brand can help showcase your culinary skills, create recognition, and build a reputation in the culinary industry.


MTI was established in 2019 with the goal of creating sustainable solutions for the Global Hospitality Accommodation Industry.
We conducted its rebranding in 2022 to create a more distinctive and creative brand to align with its mission and vision.


Aquracy Therapeutics is a Research and Innovation company committed to developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. In the development of this brand, its primary objective is to attract investors for the completion of the study and the creation of therapy.
The created logo represents an expanded Q (for Poly-Q diseases), similar to the mutant protein that underlies this group of diseases.