Through the lens of the camera, we capture moments that evoke emotions, inspire, and stimulate the imagination. Cinematic narratives showcase the passion for bringing stories to life.
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Discover the charming story behind the sweet Floripes. Inspired by the famous Olhanense legend, in the Kubidoce version, the Moorish princess decides to break the curse by making a sweet with the best aromas and flavors of the Algarve. Is it true or is it a legend?

Fujifilm Promo Video

The FDR Xair is a portable X-ray unit developed by Fujifilm. Designed to provide high-quality images in a compact and lightweight format, making it suitable for various healthcare environments. Flow Productions produced the promotional film for Portugal, using the Portimão Autodrome as the setting.

Albufeira Digital Nomads

The power of communities lies in relationships, bonds, and connections. Flow Productions is a partner in developing the branding, digital, and promotional content for the newly created Digital Nomads community in Albufeira.
A special thanks to Joana Glória and the Albufeira Municipal Council for their trust in our work.

Designer Outlet Algarve

Through the storytelling of various personas intersecting at the mall, we aim to maximize the brand and position DOA as the top choice for shopping in the minds of both foreign and domestic consumers. We utilize energy, happiness, glamour, and a touch of humor to achieve this.

Aljustrel Mining Park

The Aljustrel Mining Park will begin operations this year, serving as "a tribute to the miners" of the municipality. Flow Productions is partnering with the Aljustrel Municipal Council to promote it through informative and advertising films.


Documentary and promotional content about Algarseafood, a Portuguese company located in Olhão, dedicated to octopus trade, with the Algarve and sustainable fishing as priorities.

MTI Smart Room

Promotional video for a Portuguese Research and Technology start-up. The purpose is to showcase the advantages of the devices and how they work.

Medieval Days of Castro Marim

The Medieval Days of Castro Marim are more than just an event; they are an immersive experience that transports visitors to a fascinating period of history. Flow Productions had the privilege, for another year, of creating the promotional film and a series of animations that served as teasers on social media.


Short documentary about an animal shelter and the relationship with all involved. The story, the people, the animals, and the founder's dreams.

Capisce Music & Food

Promotional video for a restaurant.
Romance, seduction, music, and haute cuisine.

Preserving Water

Three4Climate: Cities from Germany and Slovenia explore climate action projects in Braga, Portugal.

I-Kloset Project

Digital identities have become a powerful means of self-expression in a virtual environment where one can be whoever they want, buy what they want, wear what they want, and as much as they want.

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