The steps of digital animation production are usually paired in three main moments, following the common organization of cinematographic and audiovisual production:

  1. Pre-production: preparation/planning of the project, writing of the script, storyboard, animatic, team, calendar and budget.
  2. Production: shaping, textures, materials, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering.
  3. Post-production: video editing, sound editing, sound effects, special effects.
In the production, execution and repercussion processes of this animation assignment for the real estate One Select Properties, the project developed in the following way...

1 - Pre-production


One Select

In this step, the idea evolves to a story and a script is produced.

  • Luxury estate agents with over 30 years of experience.
  • Excellent local market knowledge and contacts.
  • Impeccable office location in between Vale do Lobo and Quita do Lago.
  • Working with internationally renown luxury estate agencies.

Model Sheet

Drawings are used to establish a pattern in appearance, poses and gestures of an animated character.
According to the company’s colour pallet, several colours and combinations are tested.
One Select Palette
One Select Team
A storyboard is, as it is currently described, a graphic organizer in the shape of illustrations or displayed images in sequence for the purpose of the preview of a movie.


A sequence of photos, images or sketches that are filmed or assembled, usually with áudio track in order to, when visualized, its efficiency can be determined.

2 - Production


The is the step where elements are animated. Animation can bem ade with closer versions of the final one or with elements that may be replaced or finalized.


Rigging is the process of creating a skeleton for the model so that it may move. Usually, characters are manipulated before animated, because if a model does not possess this structure they cannot be deforme dor moved, they will remain in the position the modeler decided to place them in.


This is the step for finalizing visual elements. In traditional animation, it corresponded to the painting of animated drawings.
Everything will be composed: backgrounds, props, animations, visual effects. Depending on the methodology, used processes and softwares, it may include introducing some effects and corrections.

3 - Post-production


Verification of the frames and final adjustments.

Titles and final effects

Creation of titles, motion graphics and other final visual effects.

Colour correction

Editing of the film, where the colour is worked on with the objective of reinforcing/creating continuity or dramatic effect.

Final edition

Assembling of several plans and sound component.