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Flow Productions is more than just a brand, it's made with people of flesh and bone, sweat, tears, dreams, passion, madness, smiles and even sadness, adventures, victories and defeats.

We look back to the time two people desired to create something with passion. For something they thought was worth fighting for. Something which makes us want to achieve excellence, whether it is day, night or dawn.

To be better than ourselves is the true challenge we fight for everyday, so that we may evolve and grow, to serve our clients better.


The people who make your dream a reality!
Ricardo Pedro

Ricardo Pedro

Co-founder and Project Manager

Has a degree in Moving Image from UALG (University of Algarve).
He is a trainer and teacher in the Area of Multimedia and Courses.

Ricardo has also invested in several technical courses to further his education in the field of post-production and video production, and provides training in digital courses.

As an entrepreneur he created Flow Productions in 2018.

Fascinated by the digital world, his main characteristics are his creativity, his cooperation skills, his resilience and his dedication to his work.

His secret is his magic potion... Made mostly of caffeine!

Hélder Gonçalves

Hélder Gonçalves

Co-founder and Creative Director

Attracted to creativity, he took a degree in Animated Image.

With his entrepreneur spirit, he created his own digital content production company.

Very involved in business management and sales, he enrolled in a Masters in Marketing Management.

"Always lifting weights!"

Daniel Pinheiro

Daniel Pinheiro

2D Animator

Graduated in 2D Animation between 2006 and 2009, quickly embraced several projects, giving relevance on a production of the film "Alois Nebel" integrated in the Da Vinci program and the production of "NutriVentures" from 2010 to 2014.

Observer, social and calm by nature. Considers himself a quiet person and "quiet people have noisy minds".


Beatriz Semeão

Beatriz Semeão


Has a degree in Communication Design from Ualg and as a Graphic Design technician works in visual identity doing projects in various areas, from editorial work to web design and illustration.

She is in love with the world of design and with the way that communication of ideals and projects can be done in so many ways to captivate and involve the audience.

On a more personal level, she is creative, curious and strongly motivated working towards solutions that feed the client's specific needs.

She's our cold weapon, fueled by chocolate and anime.

Luís Baptista

Luís Batista


Has a degree in Communication Design from Ualg and almost 15 years of experience in corporate design, visual identity, design thinking and illustration. Has worked for different fields of activity such as health, education, archive, restaurants, personal branding, and others.

He is dynamic and proactive, likes his projects to have clear and direct results, and is constantly searching for the best solutions for whatever his clients perceive as difficulties.

He has won prizes and accolades in the fields of corporate identify and inclusive design. Has been with Flow Productions since its birth and is also co-founder of a social intervention association.

He was a samurai in a previous life.

Bruno Hilário

Bruno Hilário


A native from the Algarve and since an early age fascinate by artistic areas. At 21 he finished his degree in Journalism and Communication. He worked as a journalist and editor in chief at a local newspaper and, at a later stage, as a freelancer in several communication agencies. Documentary making is another area of preference, having participated in several projects, such as the documentary about the 100 years’ existence of S. C. Olhanense.

It was during his degree that his interest in photography began, and photojournalism was what captivated him first: learning to observe beyond the obvious and giving importance to every detail.

It was in 2009, however, when he started to work in photography, which is currently his main activity, besides being his great passion.

"This is it... this is it... the final picture!"

Rafaela Martins

Rafaela Martins

Communication and Marketing

With a degree in communication Sciences, at the University of Lisbon and Università degli Studi di Bologna (Erasmus), and with a masters in Marketing Management on the at the University of the Algarve, Rafaela lives to work, eat and travel. A true free spirit!

While studying in Lisbon, she realized that her true motivation comes from people, their stories and inspirations, hence her specialization in institutional communication, public relations and internal marketing.

Perseverance, perfectionism, determination and creativity are aspects that make her the way she is.

Currently, and besides the creative areas, she is dominates the art of enjoying life, mostly accompanied by a nice glass of wine from Alentejo.

Other Collaborators


Guilherme Bosco

Animator 2D / Storyboard Artist / Concept Artist

Animator 2D / Storyboard Artist / Concept Artist with a degree in Moving Image from the University of Algarve.

Born in the south of Brasil, he's currently residing in the South of Portugal. Apparently the south loves him... Or maybe he loves the south...

He discovered his love of animation during university, as well as his passion for directing independent short films. He enjoys drawing so much that he spends most of his time indoors creating new worlds.

Guilherme works has a freelancer and joins efforts with Flow Productions regularly. He wants to dominate the world... Starting with the south.


Daniel Januário

2D Animator and Motion Designer

2D animator and Motion Designer, with a degree in (curso) from Ualg, he also invested in other technical training courses to increase his knowledge in the field of animation.

Daniel now works as a freelancer and teams up with Flow Productions for several projects.

He loves drawing and bringing his characters to life. His main assets are his creativity, his determination, his drive and his team work skills.

Currently, he is working hard at his Master's in... Insomnia.